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What to look for in a Financial Advisor?

Investing in the stock market is easy but choosing the right kind of investments becomes difficult. Assuming an investor is looking to invest in mutual funds. We know there are hundreds of mutual funds in the market. But how do we choose the right fund? To take the right decision while investing we require an […]

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Financial Planning

Before getting deeper into the what and why of Financial Planning, let us understand a few terms : Contingency Reserve Contingency reserve is your emergency fund.  It’s important to set aside five-six months' expenses in safe instruments or have liquid cash for rainy days. There can be any emergency at any given point in time. […]

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Power of Compounding

What is compounding? Compounding takes place when the returns or interest that you earned on investment becomes part of the invested capital or principle in order to calculate interest for the following periods. Thus, as long as your money remains invested in the financial instrument, it creates a Snow-Ball Effect by generating returns on the returns. […]

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Reviewing Your Investment Portfolio

Investing in mutual funds is not a one-time process. It’s like driving a car. You either ask someone else to drive it, put it on auto-pilot or drive it yourself. But vigilance is necessary to keep it on track. Now a lot of investors are confused between the terms rebalancing and optimizing – both of which apply to […]

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