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Coffee Can Investment Portfolio

'Coffee Can Investment Portfolio' sounds weird right? We usually come across names like equity portfolio; debt portfolio etc., but “coffee can”.. what's that?The idea behind this name is actually quite unique. It all began before the banking system was introduced to the world and people in Old West America used to collect all their valuable […]

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SIP or Value Averaging - What is the right way to go?

Cost Averaging/SIP and Value Averaging are perhaps the two most talked about investment approaches with regards Mutual Fund investments. Most people have knowledge about Cost Averaging AKA SIP but Value Averaging is not well known in India. In this article, we will go through these two approaches and compare them. Let’s talk about Cost Averaging […]

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P2P Lending Growth Potential

In 2015, the first peer-to-peer lending platform, Zopa, was launched in the UK. The P2P lending market has grown substantially since then. From a theoretical perspective, this growth has, according to Serrano-Cinca, Gutierrez-Nieto & López-Palacios (2015), been explained through the market equilibrium theory and the financial intermediation hypothesis. The market equilibrium theory states that efficient markets […]

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Selecting The Best Liquid Mutual Fund

Honestly, there is very little to choose between two liquid funds – pick up two good liquid funds and compare their returns, you’ll find a difference of a few basis points that will mostly not matter to you. But no one invests in liquid funds to earn spectacular returns. The most important ask of any […]

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Investing In Wall Street - Risks & Rewards

What are the rewards of investing in US Equity? A) Geographical Diversification Diversification is one of the fundamental tenets of investing. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket, as they say. When you invest in a diversified equity mutual fund, sector and company level diversification is already built in. Most Mid-cap stocks invest […]

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