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ILFS – The Indian Lehman Brothers Crisis

Probing the question- Is AAA really safe? Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) was a leading group of expertise providing value-added financial services for the development of world-class innovative infrastructure. They provided a complete wide range of services for infrastructure projects ranging from visioning, documenting, developmental and financial aspects, technology to management and execution. The […]

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All You Need To Know About Saving Income Tax In India

A Brief on Income Tax What is the concept of Income Tax? Income Tax is a tax imposed on individuals and other entities that varies with the level of income or profits of the taxpayers. It is calculated at a rate charged on the Taxable Income which varies with the income slabs as set by […]

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Deductions Under Section 80C

Most people try to replicate their friends and family when wanting to save tax without giving it proper thought and taking proper consultation. It’s funny how we spend a significant time deciding which pair of shoes to buy but while investing our hard-earned money, we just work on hear-say. One needs to know of all […]

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What has changed about Liquid Mutual Funds in India?

Liquid Funds are the most heavily invested in mutual funds. Wondering Why? Reason is liquid funds are most popular among bigger corporations than they are among retail investors. These funds have undergone some major changes in the last few years and in this blog, we go through each of these changes while discussing how liquid […]

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The A B C of Bonds

The bond market is full of complex concepts, terminology, and acronyms. Let us help you break them down into simple terms: A ADDITIONAL TIER I BONDS (AT1 BONDS) AT1 Bonds (also known as Perpetual Bonds or Perps) have been specifically very popular after the news of SEBI allowing temporary writing off Yes Bank AT1 bonds […]

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