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Save your mutual fund portfolio from the next Franklin like crisis

You might have heard of the Franklin India crisis that hit debt mutual funds earlier this year. This blog explains the crisis itself and aim to help you save yourself from the next Franklin-like debacle if it strikes. What exactly happened at Franklin India AMC? Six of Franklin India’s debt funds were wound up on […]

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Why Karvy Stock Broking Had To Change Name To K-Fintech? Was Survival At Stake?

In one of the most shocking incidents of this decade, in the month of November, 2019 one of the most reputed and oldest stock broking & financial services company which had 12 lakh clients across the country, mis utilized clients’ funds. Karvy Stock Broking Ltd(KSBL) had allegedly misappropriated money and securities belonging to its investor […]

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Reviewing Your Investment Portfolio

Investing in mutual funds is not a one-time process. It’s like driving a car. You either ask someone else to drive it, put it on auto-pilot or drive it yourself. But vigilance is necessary to keep it on track. Now a lot of investors are confused between the terms rebalancing and optimizing – both of which apply to […]

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Capital Gains Taxation on Bonds & Debentures

It is very important for an investor to look at Post-Tax Returns when screening the universe of investment opportunities. Let us help you understand the taxation impact of various investments made in the world of Bonds & Debentures.   A. Taxation of interest income from Bonds: 1. Tax on interest received from taxable bonds According […]

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